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When was The Baking Cafe established?
The Baking Cafe was established on 10th July, 2009.
Where are your products baked?
Our products are baked in Duncan Village San Fernando, Trinidad West Indies
What type of baked goods do you sell?
We sell cakes for all occasions, Beef Pies, Chicken Pies, Cheese Pies, Cream Horns, Sweet Bread, Cassava Pone, Swiss Roll, Coconut Roll, Currant Roll, Cheese Puff, Chicken Puff, Beef Puff, Hops Buns, Burger Buns, Hot Dog Rolls, Dinner Rolls, Sliced White and Whole Wheat Loaves, Jam Tart, Sandwiches and lots more.
What kind of ingredients do you use?
We use the finest quality ingredients. Our specialty loaves and other treats use local staples. We believe in supporting our local farmers.
Which brand belongs to The Baking Cafe?
The Ms. Em brand belongs to The Baking Cafe.
Does The Baking Cafe do wedding cakes?
Yes we do. We cater cakes for all occasions. Contact us to place your order and design.
Can you write a message on my cake?
Yes we can. We also do edible pictures too. Email us the image of your choice in the highest resolution possible. Picture cake price varies on the size of cake being ordered.
Can I order online?
Yes purchases can be made using the following link. order@thebakingcafe.com , or go to the Place “Your Order Here” page.
Can I order in store?
The Baking Cafe opening hours are: Monday to Saturday from 9am to 7pm, Sundays from 3pm to 7pm.
Why should I choose Ms. Em’s specialty bread instead of regular white or whole wheat loaf?
Ms. Em’s specialty bread, blend with staples and grains has a high nutritive value over regular white and whole wheat bread. This is also an easier way to re introduce such staples to the diet of children, the elderly and others. The added root crop staple in the specialty loaves is a good source of complex carbohydrates. Thereby giving a feeling of longer fullness and also help in weight control. Additionally, slow absorption of nutrients allows the adequate utilization and prevents “sugar rush” commonly experience with simple carbohydrates ‘regular white and whole wheat bread’.
What is your best selling bread product?
Our best selling products are our line of Ms. Em’s speciality loaves: Cassava Whole Wheat Loaves, Cassava Multi Grain Loaves, Sweet Potato Whole Wheat Loaves, Sweet Potato Multi Grain Loaves, Plantain Plain and Whole Wheat Loaves.
What is the shelf life on Ms. Em’s speciality loaves?
Ms. Em’s specialty bread has a shelf life of seven to eight days at ambient temperature and up to 12 days refrigerated.
Do you offer wholesale?
Yes we do Please contact us at 65-BREAD (27323) for wholesale pricing and further information.
Where is the best place to store my bread?
The best place to store your bread is in a cool dry place tightly sealed or in a bread box.
Where can I find the expiration date on your bread?
The expiration date can be found on the top right hand corner of the bread label.
Where can I purchase Ms. Em’s speciality bread?
All Ms. Ems specialty bread loaves are sold locally at Hilo Supermarkets, Super Pharms, and other leading groceries nationwide. They can also be purchased at The Baking Cafe’s flag ship store.
Do your products contain peanuts, tree nuts or traces of either?
Please refer to the ingredient listing if you are concerned of nuts of any kind. If they are present in the product it will be clearly stated.
Can The Baking Cafe’s bread products be shipped to me at my home?
Yes, our bread products can be shipped to your home depending on the minimum shipping purchase. Please contact the bakery for further information on orders and deliveries. Shipping in Trinidad presently.
Are you HACCAP certified?
The bakery is presently HACCAP compliance and is working towards being certified.
Do you have a Twitter or Facebook fan page?
Yes we do have both. TWITTER and FACEBOOK. (Quoviz, please input social media links)
Who designed your website?
Our website was created by Quoviz Consulting.